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Here we wish to celebrate in images and words the Magnificent Beauty of this our great continent called "Africa"

Welcome to Eye Over Africa November 29 2022,

Well at last I'm updating this site its been quite a few years since I posted on this site, and as I have recently paid for the renewal of the subscription I guess I better start posting.

My last posting I was living and working in Abuja with Liberty TV as Tehnical Director, well now am back to Kaduna "Crocodile City" or KD as we say here, still retain my presence with Liberty TV I report back to the Kaduna Station where I am Technical Director, Quality Control and Compliance. In reality I am producing and presenting International News two days a week and producing the Weather Forecast in English and Hausa language. I also co-produce/post-produce 'Miss Phonics and Polly' a schools programme with my Abuja colleague Kayode Ajibulu.
My show 'Global Reports' has been shelved for now.

Still haven't made it to UK since 2016, my medical problems I had treated here in Kaduna starting in January 2022 with a hernia repair at
a hospital here in Kaduna by an excellent Nigerian surgeon. The oiperation was done with a local anaesthetic with an ongoing conversation with the sugeon and myself as he knew my medical training background,only problem was my good friend Souraya who the surgeon thought was my wife also watching saw more of me than I would have wished!
Then more recently I had eye surgery at the same hospital by an excellent Opthalmic Surgeon to correct cataracts in my right eye now have great vision even if one has perfect colour blalance (the new one) everything looks bright and white while the left eye appears everything is looking a bit yellow (aging cornea).

The main reason to return to Kaduna was to reboot Kaduna Media Academy, over one year later we still haven't achieved this.
Firstly we had to move the Academy from Gwari Road, Unguwar Rimi to Chanchangi Airlines complex on Kachia road, Kaduna South.
After we moved and set the place up the building's roof blew off oleaving the classrooms under water, although this was quickly repaired we made the decision to move the Academy as we had an offer from FAMAKS British SAchool in Unguwar Dosa area of KD to give us a floor of a new building, and the deal would include power supplyt and running water something that was a bit of a problem at Chanchangi. However we would not have to pay rent but we made a deal on profit sharing.
That then is the present situation with Kaduna Media Academy (KAMA) the classrooms have been upgraded we have window blinds on the windows in ythe main classroom. We have twenty school lecture chairs. I have created a TV studio out of a large side room, we have a large additional classroom that we are intending to use for multiple uses including group activities and computer use. We have an additional store room we have turnbed into an office now waiting to get the first courses started.

Have not yet retired from my other interest: Nigerian (Nollywood) films, I was asked before I left Abuja to play a very short part in a film about a Nigerian priest who founded a centre for drug and alcohol addiction called "Father Jack" out of his own unfortunate experience as an alcohol addict, I play a priest in a rehabilitation centre in London and a Cardinal in Rome, (Two parts!) two different costumes, (a priest yet again!) all parts with only a few lines shot on the same day. In my hotel room, with lights turned off and only light coming through the hotel windows and open balcony door, the drab grey walls of the room making an excellent backdrop for the London centre and the dark shadows made it ideal for a background that could be keyed out and transposed into a Vatican scenario, through the magic of digital cinematography. And post-production. And I did get to wear a fabulous Cardinal’s outfit (apparently a real one borrowed!)
unfortunately was not able to attend the premiere in Jos as my Credit Card was compromised thae day I was to travel and had to go to the bank to sort it out. I missed meeting up with some old friends in the Nollywood business including my old pal Akume Akume
A few weeks ago another old friend Johnson Erakpotobor invited me tojouin the cast of a movie called "Zara" where I play an Englishman who is the quizmaster of a national schools quiz competition.

The site also includes four sections of Image galleries, firstly: "Nollywood" which is mainly photos I have taken on location of Nigerian films.

Another named "Artists and Art" which features artworks of artists I know, and
"Professional Photography"which features some of me and my professional work.

And finally: "Out of Africa"" which consists of photography taken around the world.

There is in “Footprints on the Sands of Time" a sub-section story names "Nigerian Days ...Daze? - Which is an autobiographical account of my years in Africa - this is an ongoing work.

I have added some pages about my company in Nigeria - Technical Imaging Limited, at Kaduna, in Northern Nigeria, for those who might wish to contact us for professional reasons

Most of the images at present are my own (this will I hope change!). I have also featured a few travel stories, that I hope you will find interesting, written over the 30 plus years I have lived and worked in this great continent I call home!

Please feel free to submit your own.

Please feel free to write your own comments about this web site, all comments are welcome!

Arthur Brooks LBIPP
If you want to contact me email me here at Arthur Brooks Images if you are interested in or obtaining any of my images.