strong>Hi Everybody! - This is the Home Page for "Eye Over Africa" 2016
Here we wish to celebrate in images and words the Magnificent Beauty of this our great continent called "Africa"

Welcome to Eye Over Africa April 2017,

As we all known Nigeria is going through a difficult period at the moment, the change of government two years ago promised so much after 16 years of unrivalled corruption, and mis-management of government on a colossal level, yet so little seems to have changed, the investigations into corruption the return of looted funds, yet we are still in an economic quagmire, with the value of the Naira at its lowest level ever, with the economy in tatters and the level of poverty the worst ever what hope for the remaining of 2017 and what does 2018 hold for us all?.

I finally finished my spell as head of Liberty Television Kaduna at the end of 2015 after over two years of building the station, equipping the station training the staff and managing the station, two years that saw Liberty TV launch on to the Nigerian scene, first we only broadcast within Kaduna on Startimes network, then nationally on the same platform, then on MultiTV we were seen across West Africa, from Cameroon, Ghana, Gabon, Niger, Chad, and even as far vas Sudan. Today Liberty is on FreeTV in Plateau state soon across the country and on 3rd October 2016 will be on the GoTV platform with DSTV.

I still run my weekly programme Global Reports on Thursdays 3.30pm live on the above platforms.
Here I review global news from the past week, together with TV reports from international TV stations and networks with images, I have a guest who will comment on the news as seen and we have an interactive session where viewers phone in, soon to be skype input we hope!

A link to the latest programmes on Youtube is included below
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBCtFL2dbPo this was 15th September 2016
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4fr-USh8xs this was my programme recorded in Liverpool in the UK in 2015, includes an interesting report on Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum.

My latest foray is Kaduna Media Academy (KAMA) now fully registered with a location in Kaduna.
Equipped with a TV studio and classrooms.
Our website is currently under construction, and will be up and running as of next week.
Website: http://www.kadunamediaacademy.com/
We started classes in October 2016 with students from DITV and Liberty TV Kaduna also Abubakar Rimi TV in Kano, we start classes very soon and on 21st April will start a new series of classes in Public Relations in liaison with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

Thanks to the various people, who have written to the site, with encouraging words, including; Nuhu Sanusi (HRH. Emir of Dutse, Nigeria, Joey Maligalig, Phil Marshall, Kareem Baba Aminu, Gambo Adamu, Souriya Ghalayani, Tiffany Collings, Ed Ekpoudom, Colin Seward, Austin Dibor, Ukubile Atanu, Stan Hennings, Akume, and my Brother Alan Brooks and my cousin Maureen.

The site also includes four sections of Image galleries, firstly: "Nollywood" which is mainly photos I have taken on location of Nigerian films.

Another named "Artists and Art" which features artworks of artists I know, and
"Professional Photography"which features some of me and my professional work.

And finally: "Out of Africa"" which consists of photography taken around the world.

There is in “Footprints on the Sands of Time" a sub-section story names "Nigerian Days ...Daze? - Which is an autobiographical account of my years in Africa - this is an ongoing work.

I have added some pages about my company in Nigeria - Technical Imaging Limited, at Kaduna, in Northern Nigeria, for those who might wish to contact us for professional reasons

Most of the images at present are my own (this will I hope change!). I have also featured a few travel stories, that I hope you will find interesting, written over the 30 plus years I have lived and worked in this great continent I call home!

Please feel free to submit your own.

Please feel free to write your own comments about this web site, all comments are welcome!

Arthur Brooks LBIPP
If you want to contact me email me here at Arthur Brooks Images if you are interested in or obtaining any of my images.